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July 27, 2021

Contactless Storage Rentals at Stack N Stor

Are you searching for the perfect storage unit near you? Renting self storage is as easy as a few clicks. Stack N Stor lets you find your storage from anywhere with our contactless storage rentals. That means you can search through our available storage units from the office, your couch, and just about anywhere you have cell phone service. What could be easier? Get started with Stack N Stor online as our new locations open!

Contactless Self Storage Rentals

Renting Online with Stack N Stor

The first step in renting with Stack N Stor is finding the storage facility closest to you. Our locations in Milton, Patterson, and Rotterdam are all climate-controlled to provide the ultimate safety for your belongings. Kept at a consistent temperature, our storage units also maintain a constant humidity level to avoid moisture buildup.

Next, choose the storage unit size that would best fit your items. You want enough leftover wiggle room for organizing your storage unit and accessing your belongings later. If you are storing a large amount of objects, be sure to leave an aisle down the center of your storage unit to make it easier for yourself to get to boxes in the back and along the edges later. Our online storage calculator can give you an accurate sizing estimate to point you in the right direction. If you still have questions about what storage size would work best for you, feel free to call or stop by the office closest to you. 

Once you know which storage unit you would like, you can choose to rent your storage units and move in right away or reserve it for a later date. All our storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and managed by our professional storage staff members. 

Milton, NY · Patterson, NY · Rotterdam, NY

You have everything you need for a successful storage experience at Stack N Stor. Find your closest location to start renting with us!