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Mover’s Guide to Life in Saratoga Springs, NY

Traveling to Saratoga Springs, NY? Whether you are moving to the region or planning a vacation, you will love our city and all the area has to offer. Stack-N-Stor is your trusted source for storage assistance as you settle into the neighborhood. In addition to providing secure self storage to help you move, we created a mover’s guide to Saratoga Springs to help you navigate the city and find your new favorite spots. Explore the area for yourself!

Table of Contents

I. The History of Saratoga Springs, NY

II. The Race Course

III. The Dining Scene

The Health, History & Horses of Saratoga Springs, NY

Population: 28,110

Median Home Value: $366,100

Median Rent: $1,374

Saratoga Springs in the heart of upstate New York, boasts a rich history—its story beginning in the late 18th century with the discovery of mineral springs in the area. These natural springs, believed to have healing properties, put Saratoga Springs on the map as a place of health and wellness. By the 19th century, the town had become a popular resort destination, attracting visitors from all over to “take the waters” and enjoy the lavish hotels and spas that sprouted around the springs. The Roosevelt Baths & Spa, for instance, offers a tranquil spa experience that taps into the historic waters of the city. This wellness culture is complemented by an array of parks and outdoor spaces, like the Saratoga Spa State Park, providing residents with lush greenery for picnics, strolls, and outdoor recreation.

The city’s fame was further bolstered by the establishment of the Saratoga Race Course in 1863, which is one of the oldest horse racing tracks in the United States. The race course remains a major draw to this day, contributing significantly to the city’s economy and cultural life. The annual summer horse racing season is a peak time for tourism, infusing the city with a vibrant, festive atmosphere.

In addition to its health resorts and racing history, Saratoga Springs has developed a rich cultural scene. The Saratoga Performing Arts Center, opened in 1966, hosts a variety of performances, including classical music, jazz, pop, rock, and dance. It’s also the summer home of the New York City Ballet and the Philadelphia Orchestra. The city’s downtown area, with its charming Victorian streetscape, is lined with an eclectic mix of shops, art galleries, restaurants, and cafes, so you always have new places to explore. It’s a city where history is cherished, the arts are celebrated, and community spirit thrives, making it an enchanting place to live, work, and play.

And study! Skidmore College in the city is a highly regarded private liberal arts college known for its vibrant academic community and innovative approach to education. Founded in 1903, Skidmore offers a diverse and flexible curriculum, emphasizing interdisciplinary learning and creative thinking. The college and its students add to the character of Saratoga Springs.

The Impact of Saratoga Race Course

The Saratoga Race Course, an iconic thoroughbred horse racing track in Saratoga Springs, New York has been a central fixture in the city’s identity since its opening in 1863, intertwining with the fabric of Saratoga Springs’ culture and economy. As one of the oldest horse racing venues in the United States, the Saratoga Race Course is often recognized for its deeply rooted heritage in the sport of horse racing. The race course was conceived by John Hunter, William R. Travers, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and others, with the first meeting organized by the Saratoga Racing Association. The track’s inaugural race in August 1863 was a major event, setting the stage for Saratoga’s future as a premier racing destination. Over the years, it has hosted numerous legendary races and renowned horses, contributing significantly to the history and evolution of American thoroughbred racing.

One of the most defining moments in the course’s history was the 1919 race where the legendary Man o’ War suffered his only defeat, adding to the track’s reputation as the “Graveyard of Champions.” This moniker was further cemented with famous upsets like Secretariat’s loss in 1973 and American Pharoah’s in 2015. These events have contributed to the course’s mystique and allure, drawing racing enthusiasts from around the world.

The Saratoga Race Course isn’t just about the races; it’s also a cultural and social hub. The annual summer meet, which runs for several weeks from late July to early September, is not only a sporting event but a significant social gathering, attracting visitors for its festive atmosphere, historic setting, and the chance to witness top-tier racing. The track has maintained much of its original charm and character, with its grandstand and clubhouse exuding a sense of historic elegance. Beyond the excitement of the races, the course plays a crucial role in the local economy, generating significant revenue and employment opportunities and contributing to the thriving tourism sector of Saratoga Springs. The influx of visitors during the racing season bolsters local businesses, hotels, and restaurants, making it a key economic driver for the city.

The race course remains a symbol of tradition, prestige, and the timeless spirit of competition, continuing to captivate and enchant visitors year after year.

Saratoga Springs’ Favorite Restaurants

The city’s dining scene is as vibrant and varied as its history, offering everything from upscale eateries to casual, cozy spots. Whether you’re in the mood for gourmet dining or a quick, delightful bite, Saratoga Springs has a table waiting for you.

For the Fine Dining Aficionado

If you’re looking to indulge in a luxurious dining experience, Saratoga Springs will not disappoint. A standout is the renowned Salt & Char, an upscale steakhouse known for its prime cuts, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service. Another gem is The Wishing Well, offering an array of exquisite dishes in a charming, historical setting. For those seeking a modern twist on American classics, 15 Church is a must-visit. Its sophisticated menu and chic interior make it a favorite for special occasions.

Casual Eats and Comfort Food

For a more laid-back dining experience, Druthers Brewing Company offers a fantastic selection of craft beers and hearty, delicious fare like mac and cheese or gourmet burgers – perfect for a casual night out. Comfort Kitchen is another local favorite, serving up innovative comfort food that’s both satisfying and delightful. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, Scallions Restaurant is known for its fresh salads and sandwiches and different vegetarian and vegan options.

Local Staples and Must-Visit Spots

No visit to Saratoga Springs is complete without stopping by some of the city’s iconic eateries. Hattie’s Chicken Shack, a Saratoga institution since 1938, is famous for its fried chicken and Southern-inspired dishes – a true taste of local history. Olde Bryan Inn, another historic spot, offers a cozy, rustic vibe alongside a menu of hearty American fare. And for the quintessential Saratoga experience, Saratoga Race Course itself hosts a variety of dining options, from quick bites to full-service restaurants, where you can enjoy a meal with views of the track.

Sweet Treats & Coffee Breaks

For those with a sweet tooth, Mrs. London’s Bakery and Café is an absolute delight, offering an array of pastries, cakes, and other baked goods. When it’s time for a coffee break, head over to Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea, a local favorite for its freshly roasted coffees and bagels.

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