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Storage Unit Size Guide

What is the best way to determine the amount of space you need to rent? Explore Stack-N-Stor’s storage unit size guide to get a good look into our different self storage options. When you are able to determine the proper storage unit size for your load, you can better stay on budget and create an efficient space for your belongings. Let us help you start your storage journey today by securing your storage unit.

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How do I know what storage unit size I need?

Determining the right storage unit size depends on the quantity and type of items you plan to store. A good starting place would be to list what you need to store, including furniture, boxes, and any special items. Consider future needs as well; you might acquire more items over time. A general rule is to choose a size that allows you to organize items with a little extra room to access them without hassle. Stack-N-Stor experts are available at each of our office locations to assist you further in defining your specific storage needs.

small storage unit sizesSmall Storage Units

Common small storage unit sizes include 5’x5′ and 5’x10′. These units are similar in size to a small closet or half a bathroom and are ideal for storing seasonal items, small furniture, boxes, or personal items. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to clear out some extra clutter, take on short-term projects, or just give yourself a little extra wiggle room, then our smaller sizes may be helpful solutions.

Perfect For: College students, apartment dwellers, an extension of your closet space for items you don’t need daily access to

medium storage unit sizes

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage unit sizes are typically 10’x10′, 10’x15′, and 5’x15′. These units can hold the contents of an entire family room or two full bedrooms, including furniture, appliances, boxes, and bicycles. When your storage needs are overloading your primary storage spaces, our medium storage units provide flexibility for your situation. Odds are you will need to consider this size range if your storage contents require up to a 16’ moving truck.

Perfect For: Individuals in the process of moving, small businesses needing extra inventory space, homeowners undergoing renovations

large storage unit sizes

Large Storage Units

Looking to go big? Large storage units range from 10’x15′ to 10’x30′ and beyond, offering enough space to store the contents of a multi-bedroom house, large appliances, vehicles, or extensive business inventory. If you plan on renting one of the largest moving trucks you can find, then your self storage better be able to accommodate all your items. Our large storage units can take on your various furniture sets, multi-size mattresses, and even your bulkiest miscellaneous items.

Perfect For: Families relocating, businesses requiring warehouse space, or storing large outdoor furniture or equipment during the off-season

vehicle storage sizes

Vehicle Storage Options

Vehicle storage parking spaces typically range in size from 10’x20′ for standard cars and motorcycles, up to 10’x30′ or larger for RVs, boats, and trailers. The specific size needed depends on the vehicle’s length and type, with additional space recommended for ease of access and maneuvering. Stack-N-Stor’s facilities in Milton and Rotterdam provide secure outdoor parking spaces. Contact the location closest to you to discuss available vehicle storage options and dimensions with the managers. They are available to support you through any questions that arise during the rental and moving processes.

Storage Unit Size Guide