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Small Pantry Organization Tips

Need advice on how to level up your small pantry organization? It can be frustrating trying to store all your belongings when you do not have much storage space. If a big kitchen remodel is not in the cards for 2022, follow these five tips to taking advantage of the storage spaces you already have available. See how else Stack-N-Stor can support you through different organization projects for your home or business!

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5 Tips Small Pantry Organization

Consider a Pull-Out Pantry

Budget- and space-allowing, think about adding a pull-out pantry to your space. The advantage of these kinds of cabinets versus traditional cabinets is that there are no dark corners for food to hide. You can pull out the door or drawer to easily reveal items in the back. Access what you need right away while still having the option to close away all the clutter.

Think Outside the Box

You may think of your pantry storage options as your cabinets and closets, but you can create pantry storage anywhere. Open wall space in your kitchen can turn into open shelving to store regularly used spices and ingredients. A storage cabinet in another nearby room can hold items with a longer shelf life that you do not need as often.

Create Zones for Similar Items

A simple way to begin organizing is to group similar items together. Then designate a spot for those groups. Moving forward, you will always know where to unload certain groceries and find them again later as you need them.

Stack Up

Your horizontal storage space is generally what gets used up first. So as your pantry space starts to get overwhelmed, look for ways you can start storing vertically. Cans are the most common pantry item to stack, as they can be stored stacked long-term without issues. You can also store pasta boxes and similar items, but make sure to evaluate the weights of the items before attempting to stack.

Maintain a System for Food Storage Containers

How can you get a hold on all your different Pyrex and Tupperware containers? Start by stacking the bottoms of your food storage containers into one another—organizing by shape. Once you have different stacks, store their corresponding lids next to the stacks vertically. This will help to condense space and help you easily find the specific container you need.

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Katie Mest

Katie Mest

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