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How to Find Houses to Flip

Learn how to find houses to flip  with Stack-N-Stor’s definitive guide! House flipping has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among investors. It comes with a slew of hazards, but if you’re prepared to put out some effort, it may pay off handsomely. If you’re thinking about starting your own home flipping company, Stack-N-Stor’s ideas below can get you started!

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A Guide on How to Find Houses to Flip


How to Find Houses to Flip

What should you consider when deciding whether or not it’s feasible to successfully flip houses in the right market? The cost of living and the attractiveness of the neighborhood to a home buyer are two factors to consider. Take into account your buyer’s entire family requirements, especially if you’re selling a bigger property. Look for neighborhoods with good schools, easy access to public transportation, and low crime rates. Even though you may modify the exterior appearance of your house, you can’t alter its location.

You will still need to find a market that allows you to purchase the house within your pre-renovation budget. The housing market is not easy to navigate nowadays, so research your locations well and reach out to professionals when you get stuck. To get you started, check out New Silver’s state-by-state guide for flipping houses. 

Where to Find Fixer-Upper Homes 

Online resources like Zillow are easy to use and understand. Plus, it includes helpful tools—its Foreclosure Center, Home Sellers Guide, and more. Look for foreclosure auctions on the city, state, and regional levels. You could unearth some treasures, but keep in mind that you’ll usually need to finance the auction houses in cash. Another alternative is to hire the help of a professional real estate agent who specializes in property flipping. Make use of their knowledge and experience to locate and finish your project.

Learn What to Avoid in Your Searches

Staying on track with your budget means that you must be able to figure out which renovations activities will consume the most of your money. Some projects are not worth the time and aggravation if you do not have the skills or resources to complete them yourself. This might include: 

  • Structural Issues in the House’s Foundation 
  • Inadequate Kitchen and/or Bathroom Space 
  • Water Damage and Broken Plumbing Systems 
  • And More


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